Markets / Applications


Market: Healthcare

Self-expandable devices Good adaptation to vessel wall, easy positioning, customized radiopacity markers
Biocompatible devices Cell growth, no inflamation
Bioresorbable devices from magnesium and iron alloys Maintaining mechanical support over a defined period of time, subsequent dissolving of the device
Electrical functionality Ablation and stimulation of neuronal or muscular tissue or cells, good signal transmission due to good adaptation to vessel wall.
Sensing, mapping Measurement of physiological quantities (electrical or magnetic biological signals, temperature, pressure)
Power supply MEMS compatible
Local drug delivery Controlled drug release due to customized reservoir design
Intelligent medical instruments Combined actuation and sensing




Market: Consumable Electronics / Automotive

Miniaturized devices Small lightweight actuators with high energy density
Optimized geometries Optimized force-stroke relationships,
highly facilitated system integration
Cost efficient fabrication Batch processing
Actuators with extra functionality Local activation, intelligent substrates
High-temperature actuators >300°C (572°F)
Good fatigue properties > 10 million cycles